Singer-songwriter Rachel Zylstra grew up in the American Midwest, but now calls Edinburgh her home, and her piano-led, naturalistic folk songs feel like they carry the hallmarks of both. Often they sound like they couldn’t be performed by anyone else, with swinging cadences and such easy, conversational delivery that you’re surprised these songs didn’t just fall out of the air fully-formed…” – Sputnik Faith + Arts {Link to article}

“Much art created in 2020 understandably reflects division, anxiety, and loss. But please let me know if any offer a healing balm as timeless, sincere, and beautiful as Rachel Zylstra’s On Faith…” – The Banner {Link to article}

“[A] beautiful and soulful recording… such nuanced, detailed, and powerful arrangements” – concert pianist David Berry on On Faith

“Piano-based stories that meld old soul and new learning… youthful dilemma, sage script, grey areas, and candid observation. Stories… of a gorgeous mistake” – No Depression {Link to article}

“Zylstra’s yearning voice and melodic piano dance across each string… in a ballet of poetry and prose” – Verbicide Magazine {Link to article}

“A classically trained pianist with a weakness for Radiohead, Rachel Zylstra brings to mind Ben Folds with a sultry edge. Her songs are smoky, sweet, and verbose (in the best ways)” – Scoutmob