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Singer-songwriter piano playing girl. Midwestern; New Yorky.

Meet The Tacit Turn - Rachel Zylstra, Alex Paul and Russ Wedelich.

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The Tacit Turn - September 14, 2014

2014 Resolution #1 - December 20, 2013

To record a new album with this crew.

Video by Ben Esposito 

from left to right: Rachel Zylstra, Mollie Horne, Matt Gelfer, Alex Paul,
Cory Ramey, Russ Wedelich, Paul Wolfram

Absent: Gregory K. Williams

Fall Travels & Wonders - October 8, 2013

Autumnal Greetings, folks…

It’s been a busy season so far, and there’s no sign of slowing down. (Cliché patrol… see if you can count them! They’re well-worn for a reason)

I just got back from a whirlwind 10-day trip to the UK – Scotland + London, in particular. No offen[c]e, rest of the UK, but Scotland is kind of my favorite. I’ve never before been to a place where I could dawdle over a full Scottish breakfast, hike up to the top of an inactive volcano, tool around a medieval castle, tour a series of defunct underground streets and sample three delicious types of single-malt scotch all before sundown. (This is, admittedly, a composite day – but, in Edinburgh, perfectly doable.)

In Edinburgh I had the treat of playing Henry’s Cellar Bar, booked and managed by the legendary Lach, “founder of Anti-folk” who used to book me down at the Sidewalk Café before castles and scotch sweetly (or maybe gruffly) called his name. The line-up began with Lach’s Anti-hoot Radio Night featuring myself as musical guest, followed by the fantastic Angus Munro in his Rufus-ness (not a copy, but gloriously influenced by), Lach doing his cool thing, and then a series of amazing artists playing under the umbrella of Forest Café’s Undergrowth  – Mike Brown, “The Saw Guy” Edgar Guerreiro, and more. I was stoked by caliber of talent, and thankfully a great number of people turned out to enjoy this musical feast (and drink… but boy, they listened well!).

A few days and one wistfully lingering train ride later I found myself down in London where I got to debut just off of Leicester Square (“Like Times Square but in London,” for those who enjoy vigorous London-NYC comparison), at a place called The Comedy Pub – not to be confused with The Comedy Store, which is two doors down. Apologies to anyone who came wandering in looking for a laugh, instead receiving a dose of heartachey musical self-deprecation. It was great getting to share that night with a sweet and fellow RZ – Rebecca Zoe, who booked the show, and a nice line-up beyond our hour, with sound from Mark. I don’t know Mark’s last name – but Mark, thank you.

My friend Kelly, now stationed in London for the year, made a great mate for most of these adventures (and not a poor one, ever… it’s just that not all of our adventures were taken together). [from the top of Arthur’s Seat]


Now back in the US, the next big thing is: “RZ Gets Out of the House: October 2013” (#rzgooth) which is the slogan I have created and am now using, by myself so far, to describe a Midwest/Southwest regional tour very quickly approaching!  See the calendar for full details, but here's a little rundown...

This Friday 10/11 is my debut in Pittsburgh – boom! – with the radiant Joy Ike and a host of other great folks, in the round at Pittsburgh Winery. PA, come on out.

Sunday 10/13 yields a stop at my old beloved church, C.O.S., for a concert in Grand Rapids, MI, a chance to sing on two favorite recurring themes: “God, are you there?” and “God – there you are” - RSVP on Facebook here. Greg Scheer opens the evening.

Tuesday 10/15 promises to be the kickingest public/private house concert Indianapolis has seen in a while – and you are very welcome to join, just RSVP to David and me on the Facebook invite. Drop me a line on Facebook if you cannot see the invitation; privacy settings may interfere.

Then: to Music City! Wednesday 10/16, I’ll be in Nashville, sharing the famed stage at The Bluebird Café with the comely company of Julie Lee, Sarah Masen, and Matthew Perryman Jones – yes, the one that you’re thinking of. I met and became fans of Julie and Sarah’s at the Festival of Faith in Music back in April, and from here a plan was hatched… that culminates on 10/16. Reservations become available here starting 10/9 and 8:00 AM CT – reservation is strongly advised!

The tour concludes with two great dates with Atlanta-based artist Janie Chu, whose work and person I have admired prior to any in-person meeting. We’re playing 10/18 in Greenville, SC at Smiley’s Acoustic Café, and Sunday 10/20 at the Red Light Café in Atlanta.

I’m thankful to have secured the company of another good friend Jeannie Rose for the latter part of this intense little excursion, who herself will have just wrapped a huge campaign for social justice. [The Price of Life – fighting sex trafficking]

I really hope to see many of you along the way and I really appreciate your help in telling your friends to come out to these shows.  We’ll definitely have fun.


Finally, RZ+band have been on a bit of a hiatus… but once the travel dies down, we’ll reunite! Our next show is Sunday November 17th at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 in New York City.


Thanks for reading and thanks for listening. Now, to leave you with a ditty from the “stalker-lite” genre, aka “The Informant,” live from Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh [video courtesy Kelly]:

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